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The joint Uzbek-Korean enterprise "Uz-Koram Ko" was established in May 1995. with the purpose of localization of production of dimensional components from plastic masses for the created automobile industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. JV "Uz-Koram Ko" is a part of the Association "O'zavtosanoat", where more than 70 enterprises of the automobile industry of the republic are united with different forms of ownership and spheres of activity. The O'zavtosanoat Association is a member of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). First production was launched in May 1997, when JV "Uz-Koram Ko" mastered the production of bumpers for the models "Nexia", "Tiko", "Damas", as well as instrument panels for the models "Tiko", "Damas" plant of JSC "GM Uzbekistan" The products were produced at two injection molding machines (TPA). At the second stage of development of the enterprise in November 2001г. paint production was created for the production of the above products, painted in the same colors as cars, in the same period, the production of bumpers, a tool panel, and door covers for the Matiz car was mastered. In subsequent years, from 2003 to 2009, production was expanded due to the commissioning of 4 more TPA. The next stage of the company's development was the opening in 2008 of a second paint shop, a higher production capacity, which allows painting more products. In 2010, the plant for the production of energy absorbers and other products from expanded polypropylene (PPP) was put into operation, which was a significant step in the development of modern high-tech equipment. Currently, the annual capacity of the company LLC "Uz-Koram Ko" is more than 230 000 sets of bumpers, instrument panels and door panels with painting, in the presence of orders, under the entire line of colors of car bodies manufactured by JSC "GM Uzbekistan". The list of products consists of bumpers for cars "Nexia", "Matiz", "Damas", "Tiko", "Lasetti", "Spark", "Cobalt"; tool panels "Nexia", "Matiz", "Damas", "Tiko"; Matiz doors; energy absorbers Nexia, Lasetti, Spark, Cobalt. Since 1999. the enterprise entered the foreign market with the aim of providing its own products to service companies servicing vehicles exported by GM Uzbekistan outside the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main consumers of the company's products are the auto plant of GM Uzbekistan, Uz Dong-Yang, service enterprises Avtotekhhizmat, dealers of GM Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation, local dealers of "Uz-Koram Ko" LLC. The enterprise is equipped with modern technological equipment, the staff is professionally trained, a large number of employees of the enterprise have undergone training at enterprises in the Republic of Korea. The enterprise further plans to increase the volume of production and work on reducing the cost of production through the search for alternative suppliers of raw materials; to improve the qualification of personnel through the conduct of various types of training; to increase the export program; expand the program of localization of components and master the production of new types of products. LLC "Uz-Koram Ko" conducts its business with simultaneous reduction of negative impact on the natural environment. This is achieved through the introduction of new, not only effective, but environmentally friendly technologies, in the construction of new nature protection facilities, and the elimination of out-of-service industries. LLC "Uz-Koram Ko" conducts a social policy aimed at improving the working and living conditions, improving the living standards of the Andijan laborers. The activity program of LLC "Uz-Koram Ko" is designed for many years. The key to its successful implementation is a powerful production and human resources potential.