Testing and measuring laboratory

  • Accredited in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 17025.
  • It is equipped with the latest equipment and materials produced by world leaders such as BYK, Q-LAB, ERICHSEN, TESTO, MEMMERT, BASF, ALDRICH, BINDER, etc.
  • Has a highly qualified staff who have been trained in courses on testing and competence of testing laboratories (ISO / IEK 17025).
  • Modern test methods are used
  • New laboratory facilities meet the requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygienic, fire and other safety standards.


The testing and measuring laboratory conducts physical and chemical tests, as well as a visual assessment and assessment of the organoleptic properties of plastic products, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyamide (PA), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA), polycarbonate PC), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), foaming polypropylene and the like, composite materials based on polymers and organic coatings.


Tests conducted in an accredited test and measurement laboratory

Test name Standard number
1 Adhesion tests GMW14829, EDS-T-7780, EDS-T-7759, EDS-T-7923
2 Resistance to scratching GMW14688, GMW14698, EDS-T-7758
3 Bending test GMW16746, GM9503P
4 Evaluation and measurement of the appearance of the coating
(shine, shagreen, reflection, color, film thickness)
GMW6992, GMW15725, GMW15777, SAE J1545, ISO2813, ISO 2808, ISO 7724-1, ISO105-A05, ГОСТ 30821-2002, ГОСТ 9.032-74, ГОСТ 9.407-84, ГОСТ 29319-92, EDS-T-7907, ASTM D660, ASTM D523
5 Water resistance GMW14704, EDS-T-7923 п 6.7
6 Determination of viscosity, density and degree of grinding of paintwork materials Ts 15769172-001:2014, Ts 15769172-011:2014
7 Measurement of coating thickness GMW15777, ISO 2808, Ts 15769172-001:2014 п 6.4., Ts 15769172-011:2014 п 7.3
8 Temperature and moisture resistance (including cyclic tests) GMW14729, EDS 7007 , EDS-T-7005, EDS-T-7010, EDS-T-7923, EDS-T-7513, EDS-T-7022, EDS-T-7041, EDS-T-7604, EDS-T-7951, GMW15919, GMW14650, GMW14124, GMW14797, GMW14867, GMW15725, GMW14668, GMW14444, ISO 6270-2, ГОСТ 9.401-91
9 Tests for the requirements of standards for plastic car parts GMW14797, GMW14650, GMW14444, GMW15725, GMW14867, EDS7007, EDS7010, EDS7022, EDS7041
10 Resistance to liquids and chemical tests GMW14701, GMW14445, GMW14334, GMW3259, GMW14864, GMW15891, GMW14867, GMW3205, EDS-T-7618, EDS-T-7625, EDS-T-7620, EDS-T-7417, EDS-T-7603, EDS-T-7746, EDS-T-7622, EDS-T-7623, EDS-T-7735
11 Tests for water jet and detergent resistance GMW16745, GMW14867 п3.6., GMW14444 п 3.4.19, EDS-T-7618
12 Multi-Axis Test ASTM D3763 и ISO 6603-2
13 Shock resistance and shock resistance GMW14700, SAE J400 , EDS-T-7701, GMW14093, EDS-T-7503
14 Lightfastness, weather resistance EDS-T-7422, EDS-T-7041, EDS-T-7415, GMW14867, SAE J2527, SAE J2412, ISO 4892-1, ISO 4892-2, GMW14162, GMW14445, GMW3414, ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-B06, ASTM G151, ГОСТ 9.401-91
15 Determination of corrosion resistance EDS-T-7143, EDS-T-7738, GMW3286, GMW15288, GMW14458, ISO 9227, ГОСТ 9.401-91
16 Resistance to solvent wiping EDS-T-7746, GMW15891, GMW14867 п.3.3

Equipping the testing and measuring laboratory

Name of the device Test name
1 Spectrophotometer BYK Mac Color measurement on metal and non-metallic surfaces
2 Wave scanner shading and reflection Measurement of shading and reflection of painted surfaces
3 Photoelectric gloss meter Measurement of the gloss of painted surfaces at 3 corners.
4 Adhesimeters, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm Determination of adhesion of paint and varnish coatings.
5 Thickness gauges and hard measures. Measuring the thickness of dry film and hardness of the coating
6 pH meter Measurement of the pH of liquids
7 Scratch tester Erichsen Determination of the resistance of the coating to scratching.
8 Bending test device Determination of the elasticity of colored and unpainted surfaces
9 Salt mist chamber Carrying out tests for corrosion resistance of coatings.
10 Climatic chamber Climatic tests and tests on the effects of moisture.
11 Light resistance test chamber Conducting tests for lightfastness and climatic stability.
12 Drying chamber Thermal and drying tests for coatings
13 Water bath Water resistance tests. Maintaining a fixed temperature during testing.
14 Light cabin Evaluation of the appearance of parts
15 Calipers, shagengrenmassy, shupy, metal rulers, etc. Measurement of geometric dimensions
16 Moisture Meter Determination of moisture content
17 Universal test bench Test for pendulum and vertical shocks, determination of abrasion resistance of coatings
18 Micrometers and electronic indicators Measurement of clearance and displacement. Determination of the thickness of parts
19 Exhaust Laminar Cabinet Test for fuel resistance and resistance to chemical etching
20 Engraving Impact test with stones.
21 Special car cleaning machine Test the coating for resistance to water jet and detergent.
22 Laboratory Freezer Coating tests for frost resistance.
23 Multi-Axis Test Device High speed impact tests
24 Chemical utensils and reagents Conducting tests for resistance to chemical reagents
25 Viscosimeters, pycnometers and grindometers Measurement of the properties of paints and solvents.